Iso farm house (Between oley and kempton)

Hello I'm an odd driver and a landscaper as well as a mechanic and an animal lover. I'm currently running a small 800 square foot cabin for 1,100 a month responsible for all utilities but the place is a complete dump. Roof has been leaking floors are falling through water heaters exploding there's a lot more the place is unsafe to live but I can't afford to live anywhere else and I put several thousand dollars per year over the last 4 years into this house just so I can live here. I have about 50 chickens and guinea fell, 12 neutered and spayed cats two foster dogs and two dogs of my own which are all spayed and neutered my animals are cleanly as animals can be they don't poop places they shouldn't. I have experience in home renovation small engine repair landscaping and engine mechanics. I'm pretty much a handyman we can pretty much upkeep the place by myself and keep the Landscaping fucking decent. The ideal place would be a place that has some kind of garage cuz I have some '80s classic cars that I like to work on and somewhere I can have all my animals that's not going to cost me much more than what I'm paying now. I have some friends that are willing to rent with me they currently have jobs and disability. If anybody has anything available I'd appreciate it I need to live somewhere where the structure of the house is sound I don't care about looks I can paint your place put flooring in whatever it needs I don't mind putting a little money in to have a decent place to live long-term. Also going to explore the Avenues of rent to own. I'd buy a house but I'm working on my credit right now if you might have a place for me please feel free to message me if you have a place that you could rent me for some labor and cash that would work as well. I need enough room for at least three adults.

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